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As a student at Tamwood, I can tell you that it’s a really nice school. All the teachers are friendly, funny and they only want you to feel cozy and like a full-fledged member. When I arrived I had some problems but they were always ready to help me.

Because it’s a multicultural school, you can meet a lot of different people and you get welcomed open-heartedly. I think that the fact of being away from your home help to meet more people and to have faster a strong relationship with the people that you meet than in your own country.

The well-located school provided places to chill and relax near the ocean and that’s where I go at lunch with my friends.

Although the weather is rainy Vancouver is a magnificent place where you always have something to do and to see. I went to Deep Cove and we went hiking. That was really hard for me but the landscape is so beautiful that you can’t regret the hard ascension. I went to Lynn canyon and lighthouse park too and that was awesome!

In Vancouver, you’re between mountains and the ocean within which is a great view. I also went to Chinatown, Robson street and I watched for the first time of my life an ice hockey match, I was very excited. I really enjoyed everything that I did and I know that I will enjoy the time that I still have in this wonderful place.

For me, this adventure is just incredible because even if I miss my family, my heart and my head are full of great memories, gorgeous landscapes, unexpected meetings, and awesome adventures.

Written By: Sara Roelandt


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