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Why Vancouver is the Hottest Place to Kickstart Your Web Developer Career in 2021

The world really needs user interface experts, user experience design experts, and web developers right now. With increased demand for tools that support remote work, the high-tech industry needs professionals on the ground, stat, to keep up.


Truly, high-tech is flourishing everywhere, however, no place is capitalizing on this shift quite like Vancouver, Canada.


In a November 2020 report, Vancouver ranked number one in high-tech software job growth. Demand for jobs in high tech is only expected to continue to grow heading into 2021. That means that now is the time to gain employable skills and make yourself a competitive candidate, whether that be in the field of user experience, user interface, or web development.


Not sure where to start? Tamwood, an esteemed, international vocational school based in Vancouver, can help. Here are just three of the many programs offered by Tamwood to help you:

  • User experience: Set yourself up for access as a UX designer, information architect, UX researcher, product designer, or interaction designer with Tamwood’s UX Design Professional Program.
  • User interface: Take your creative skills to the next level by getting educated in User Interface and Visual Communication design and gaining key skills.
  • Web development: Choose to complete a full-time diploma or work and study diploma in Web Development to gain essential skills in HTML5 and CSS3, WordPress, Sass, Github, and more.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of Tamwood’s high-tech work and study programs in Vancouver. You’ll be learning from our award-winning team in the city where big tech is thriving in Canada. We’ve helped thousands of students just like you to realize their potential, make strategic connections, and land their dream job.