Become a Host Family

  • Help students discover a new country and culture
  • Give students an understanding of life in Canada
  • Learn more about your student’s culture

Host Tamwood Students, Share Cultural Experiences

Are you interested in learning more about other cultures, have your own children left the nest, or perhaps you have a free room available in your home? Then, how about hosting one of our Tamwood students and giving them a local support system during the exciting experience of discovering a new country and culture?

Toronto, Vancouver & Whistler Locations Available

Become a Tamwood host family and you’ll be able to share your family recipes with international students, teach them how to navigate the public transit system, and give them an understanding of life in Canada. You will learn more about your student’s culture, and you never know… maybe you will even gain a new addition to your family!

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Host families at Tamwood are flexible, open-minded, and communicative with our international students. This experience is a win-win situation for both host families and students to have intercultural interactions and experiences together.


Interactive Canadian Families: We make sure our host families interact with our students and share day to day activities with them.


Safety and Cleanliness: All our homestay families are located in safe neighborhoods. We select families who can offer clean and organized rooms in suitable conditions for the student to rest, study, and feel at home.


Accessible locations to public transit: Accommodations need to be close to public transportation with a maximum commuting time of 60 minutes to the school. On the first day of school, hosts are encouraged to show students bus/train stops and how to use public transportation.

Must Haves

How to Apply to Host a Student

1. Complete the homestay application online.


2. Send a copy of the police record check of each adult living in the house.
 Language Canada Membership requires all Language Schools in Canada to follow the established Accommodation Standards. In order to ensure greater security for students in the homestay, Member Programs require a Criminal Record Check (CRC) of each adult aged 18 or older who usually resides in the homestay. Member Programs will obtain updated CRCs for each adult in a homestay every five years.


3. If the first two steps are met, our Homestay inspector will contact you directly to set up a visit to your home. During the visit, he/she will look at the premises and take pictures for our records of the student room and all common areas. A short interview will be conducted to assess your motivation for accommodating a student.


4. The homestay family will be notified if all requirements have been met. The homestay will then be available to host a student from the date indicated during the interview.